What is truth? It isn't often that you come across something that could almost unanimously be referred to as true. For this reason, when you do, it stands out and you want to embrace it.  After working at the front desk at a beautiful luxury hotel in downtown Austin, checking people in and out, day in and day out, I had such a thing happen to me; I came across a "truth." At first I was just amused and bewildered by the passion with which people spoke of our city.  Don't get me wrong, I get it.  I just didn't know quite how ubiquitous and profound the love of Austin was until I was able to witness it in such a concentrated arena. And then my mind got to thinking...

What if we could use this love of Austin to do great things?  Give people a unified means to express their love and start a movement of Austin pride.  Create a win-win-win (Austin-you-me...hey, I discovered it!).  If NY has one, why can't we?  We have so many fans around the U.S. and around the world, so why not promote and harness that pride, and in doing so, give back to what makes Austin this place that  people fall in love with?

This is the agenda of Everyone Loves Austin-- first and foremost it is a movement of Austin Pride. In turn, this movement will help fuel a movement of Preservation.  That is my vision.

I hope that this organization of pride and preservation will be able to do great things for our city, and would like to cite the first main initiatives as :

  • Supporting our city's trademark of "Live Music Capital of the World" by donating 10% of proceeds of ELA logo-ed merchandise to HAAM in efforts to keep our musicians within city limits (will be looking to support in any other ways possible...yet to be determined)
  • Supporting the natural parks and outdoor beauty by donating 10% of proceeds to Keep Austin Beautiful (and hopefully other ways...a work in progress that is yet to be conceived.)

Eventually I would like to be able to support more organizations as well.  This will certainly be an evolving organization.

I hope you all like the idea behind ELA, and feel more inspired to show your love...when you travel, or even while you're out enjoying the trail, out on the lake, or out on the town!

Everyone Loves Austin, guys, and I'm happy and proud to be the bearer of this news.  I hope you enjoy your shirt and wear it with pride!  And if people ask what it says, just say it's an insider thing ;D.